River Lužnice

River Lužnice
  • Level of difficulty: easy, WW I / I+
  • Distance: about 10 kilometers
  • Duration: 3 hours

The Lužnice River is particularly fascinating in the areas of Suchdol – Majdalena – Stará řeka – Lužnice but other stretches of the river also offer good rafting. This is a great river for beginners, those looking for a romantic outdoors vacation or for groups traveling with children. It is a calm river and the only serious obstacle one might encounter is the occasional fallen tree.

Setting out from Suchol between 9-10am will get you to the Maidalena campground before nightfall (11.5km). The second day you can cover 22km which will take you through a nature preserve and a large lake; this stretch includes some of the most beautiful sights along the river and will get you to the next available campsite in Lužnice. You can end your trip there or continue down the river if you have the time.

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