River Limnytsia

River Limnytsia

Limnytsia is one of the cleanest rivers in Ukraine. It doesn’t have a single industrial site along its 122 kilometers. The river is narrow in its upper reaches. Near Yasen the banks are uneven and asymmetric, with a low right and high left bank. Further downstream the riverbed is trapezoid like, 4 to 7 km wide. In the lower reaches of the river the river bed is 2 km wide. The river bed is rocky and splits out into numerous channels. It is between 20-60 meters wide and 2 meters deep in the Carpathian foothills where its current moves at 9.4km/hr.

Limnytsia River Attractions

Verbivka is a good place to take a break from paddling. On the left bank there is a pedestrian path called Do Halychynykh Pecher (to the Halycian Caves) which goes through the village of Temyrivtsi and onto the Halychyna Natural Park. The path is well marked. About 300 meters before turning into the woods and hills, the path runs against the current alongside the river. From this vantage point you can see the fish swimming in their holes. It is worth visiting the 15 meter high Skelya Borsukiv (Badger Cliff), named so for the family of badgers that inhabits it. The animal trodden path leads to the wide entrance of a deep burrow.

To get to the top of the Sokil’ cliffs you must come ashore in Dibrova. The marked trail takes you through an oak forest, by a forest pond to the kurgans—in the 1930s archeologist Yaroslav Pasternak discovered an early Bronze Age burial ground on this site. The trail continues to a healing spring not far away. The limestone layer, of the Sokil’ cliffs, has marvelous caves. Entering some of them requires extensive equipment. It is believed that schema monks lived here.

In the village of Zalukva old and unusual tombstones lean over the river. This 17th century cemetery is the final resting place of the Crimean Karaites who once lived here.

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