River Lim

River Lim
  • Departure point: Plavsko Jezero.
  • The route ends: Prijepolje.
  • Length and duration: 130 km, 5 days.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, WW II / IV

Rafting in Montenegro and Rafting in Serbia

Lim River is a wild and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. In the spring, Lim is more powerful and wild, while in the summer it calms down. Lim River international rafting regatta takes place in the end of May every year since 2000. It is 130 km. long and lasts for three days.

5-days Lim River Rafting

Day 1. 25km from the headwaters to Andriievica. This is one of the most dangerous and challenging sections of the Lim River. Along the way you will see 50m high rock formations rising over cascades that can reach more than 2 m in height. In Andriievica we’ll set up camp at an elevation of 1,600 m.

Day 2. 18km in about 3 hours to Berane Point. From there you can visit the nearby Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery and then go for an evening stroll on the famous Berane "corsoe" – a traditional romantic promenade.

Day 3. To Ribarevine. This is the most challenging and dangerous stretch of the Lim. During this length of river you will take on the Small and Great Tifran rapids in the untamed Tifran Gorge. You’ll get a glimpse of the astonishing Bielasica Mountain’s snowy slopes. The Bistrica River joins the Lim in the picturesque spot of Tisnica. Previous experience is required for this length of river. Land transportation will be provided to the campsite in the natural setting of Ribarevina.

Day 4. 25 km to Brodarevo through the Kumanica Gorge which will pump you full of adrenalin. You’ll pass the scenic Kumanica and Camil's creeks which dump their water into the Lim from a height exceeding 20 meters. Other cascades along the way are over 1.5m high. We’ll take a break near the Kumanica Monastery on the spectacular rock formations. The canyon widens closer to the Brodarevo plateau where we’ll set up camp for the night.

Day 5. Downstream towards Prijepolje. We’ll make a stop at Petrovac na Limu. During this stop you can visit the Mileseva Monastery or chose to trek or mountain bike to the nearby Milesevka canyon where you can take a dramatic climb up to the ascetic cells on a high limestone cliff above the Mileseva River.

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