River Lăpuş

River Lăpuş
  • Location: Take E58 and than DJ109F to Răzoare from Târgu Lăpuş.
  • Starting point: Răzoare or Sălniţa - depends on the itinerary.
  • Lengh and duration:
    1. Short itinerary: 14 km, Sălniţa - Buteasa Râu, 2.5-3.5 hours.
    2. Long itinerary: 42 km, Răzoare - Remecioara, 1 or 2 days depending on the current.
  • Difficulty: easy / moderate, WW I / III

The remote Lapus Gorge awaits you on the eponymous river making you feel like real explorers. Heighten this experience by booking a two day paddle down the Lapus so that you can include an overnight in tents along the river.

The scenery created by the Lapus flowing through limestone and dolomite makes this trip unique for Romania. There are canyon sections (Vima Mica - Salnita, Buteasa Rau - La Impreunatura), numerous rocky slopes (Custura Cetatelii, Custura Vime), walls and rocky spurs, waterfalls (Pisatoarea) and caves. The Lapus River Gorge Reserve has unforgettable scenery and great rafting conditions.

To book Rafting on the Lăpuş River please fill in an event booking form or, alternatively, send us a message.

After the confirmation, we'll ask you to pay a deposit – 50% of the price. The rest could be paid upon the arrival.