River Map of Ukraine

River Map of Ukraine

The River Map of Ukraine shows rivers and river basins in Ukraine that are suitable for rafting and kayaking. We offer rafting in the Dniester and Tisa river basins which include both white-water and flat-water rivers.

The Dniester River basin, excluding the Dniester River itself, includes the flat-water rivers: Zbruch and Smotrych and the white-water rivers: Stryj, Limnytsia, Svicha and Myzunka. The Tisa river basin offers white-water rafting on the Latorica and Rika rivers. The River Map of Ukraine also includes other little known but very interesting rivers to raft on such as the Stokhod and Strypa rivers.

Below you may find the precise topographic map as well as detailed description of each river:

Pripyat Basin (flatwater rivers)

  • Sluch (Miropol - Novograd-Volynskyj - Gorodnica)
  • Stokhid (Povorsk - Lubeshov - Nobel)

Dniester Basin (mostly flatwater rivers)

  • Dniester (Strelki - Zalishchyky)
  • Strypa (Denisov - Buchach - Zalishchyky)
  • Smotrych (Gorodok - Kamjanec-Podolskij)
  • Zbruch (Podvolochysk - Gusiatyn - Kamjanec-Podolkij)

Dnister & Prut Basins - Carpathian Rivers (whitewater rivers)

  • Stryi (Turka - Zhydachiv)
  • Svicha (Myslivka - Dnister River)
  • Limnytsia (Osmoloda - Kalush - Galych - Dnister River)
  • Prut (Vorohta - Jaremche - Chernovcy)
  • Cheremosh (Krasnyk - Vyzhnyca - Prut River)

Tisa Basin - Transcarpathian Region (mostly whitewater rivers)

  • Tisa (Jasynia - Rahiv - Solotvyno)
  • Rika (Mizhgirja - Hust)
  • Latorica (Svaliava - Mukachevo - Chop)