River Hron

River Hron
  • Target group: suitable for everyone, families with children, company´s events, participants with no experience
    1. Part 1: Nemecká (campsite) – Slovenská Lupča (campsite)
    2. Part 2: Slovenská Lupča (campsite) – Banska Bystrica (Iliáš – campsite)
  • Difficulty: low, WW I / I+. Water level in B.Bystrica – min. 80 cm and max. 200 cm. A dangerous place – weir in Šálková (the boat must be carried around).
  • Lengh and duration:
    1. Part 1: 12 km – app. 2 hours
    2. Part 2: 21 km – app. 3 – 4 hours

    Only one river in Slovakia can be rafted on from start to finish--it is the River Hron. To travel the river’s full length takes between 10 and 12 days. Its source is in the Low Tatras near Kráľova hoľa and it dumps into the Danube at Štúrovo.

    We’ve chosen the section between Nemecká and Sliač which is navigable at any time of the year because it’s dynamic and lots of fun.

    Every village along the Hron offers something for travelers: pubs, snack bars, restaurants, activities or campgrounds. We can make as many stops as you like so that you can take in the local flavor or get an adrenaline rush cliff diving at 5m high Jumpstone Rock. This trip is very versatile and can be catered to groups with children or to couples on a romantic camping getaway.

    To book Rafting on the Hron River please fill in an event booking form or, alternatively, send us a message.

    After the confirmation, we'll ask you to pay a deposit – 50% of the price. The rest could be paid upon the arrival.