Dniester Canyon and Rivers of Dniester Basin

River Zbruch

River Zbruch

Skala-Podilska - Dniester (72 km) - Hotyn (10 km).

For many centuries the Zbruch River served as a border between Turkey and Poland; at the end of the 18th century it was the border between Austria and Russia. On the banks of the river many old fortresses lie in ruins there are also many relics of Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox and Jewish cultures. In its upper reaches the Zbruch is a wide sometimes swampy river. Lower, where the river crosses the Tovtry Ridge, the river bed is narrow with limestone cliff banks. The route starts in the city of Sataniv.

Caves and remnants of stone walls and towers near Sataniv are recommended for those who love ancient sites. Between Sataniv and Husiatyn the river Hnyla dumps into the Zbruch. The next stop is the town of Husiatyn. Its ancient origins are seen in the remnants of a settlement where old weapons and household items were found. There are many kurgans (burial mounds) in the area. Architectural landmarks include the ruins of a 17th century castle-fortress, a 16th century Bernardine monastery and a 15th century church. Skala Podilska is situated further downstream. It is near this town that the Zbruch enters a canyon flanked by high stone banks (bare or spattered with trees) it exits the canyon upon entering the Dniester.

Zbruch River Attractions

About 10 km before the Zbruch empties into the Dniester the piles of the Novodnistrovsk Hydro-electro station can be seen. The current slows and the riverbed widens to 200-300 meters. Despite the dammed up Dniester exceeding 300 meters in width, its banks remain high and very picturesque. This is also where the Zbruch empties into the Dniester. The river voyage ends at the Khotyn fortress. From Khotyn groups can travel to either Chernivtsi or Kamyanets-Podilsky—both are fascinating. The Zbruch is particularly nice when the orchards blossom, which is usually in the second half of April.

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