Dniester Canyon and Rivers of Dniester Basin

River Strypa

River Strypa

Obstacles divide the Strypa river into several sections. The upper section (from Plotycha to Sokil’nyky) contains many felled trees and branches. These can tangle up oars and tear clothing. The middle section (Sokil’nyky to Buchach) there are many manmade obstacles: dams, mills and dilapidated footbridges. In the area of Zhyznomyr the river is approximately half a kilometer wide. The lower section (downstream of Buchach) Strypa becomes wide and shallow. Vessels often have to be portaged. There are many hanging footbridges along the river. The rocky riverbed creates rapids that require constant maneuvering.

Rafting on Strypa

Down to Buchach, the river flows through many settlements so potable water, transportation, medical and other assistance is fairly easy to obtain from the locals.

After Buchach the Strypa is nestled in a dense wild forest. There are many beautiful places to rest or camp but picking a spot which offers potable water is essential.

Strypa River Attractions

There are many interesting places on the banks of the Strypa. Christians often make pilgrimages to Zarvanytsia to bathe in its healing spring. In the summer thousands of Christians gather there to confess and pray. Solomiya Krushelnytska, famous Ukrainian opera singer, was born in the village of Bilyavyntsi. A museum honoring her life is located there. In the village of Rukomysh travelers will find Travertine caves and a chapel made by monks in the cliffs.

On the left bank of the river, near the town of Pidzamochok (near Buchach) lie the ruins of an old castle. The city of Buchach itself adorns the river like a pearl with ancient buildings. The ruins of the beautiful Buchach Castle perch on a hilltop as a waterfall gurgles under the castle walls. The village of Sokilets houses an old church. On the right bank near the village of Zhyznomyr there is a spring alongside a monastery nestled in the forest. The Rusyliv area is home to the eponymous waterfall.

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