Travel to Russia

Tour to Russia

The Russian Federation is surprisingly beautiful and diverse. Countless fascinating spots are collected on its territory: relics of ancient inhabitants, architectural ensembles from the middle ages, palaces and estates from the Czarist era, a large number of monasteries, churches and other religious buildings; a stunning variety of unique natural lakes, forests, mountains, caves, glaciers, valleys, geological formations, geysers, etc.


Rafting and kayaking along Karelia’s many rivers is one of Karelia’s biggest draws. In addition we suggest exploring Kizhi, hunting (even for bears!) and collecting berries and mushrooms.

Altai Mountains

Foreign tourists vacation here for the unrivaled equestrian tourism combined with exceptional surroundings. Hiking Belukha is also an option the North face of Belukha offers trails for the experienced climber, elsewhere are paths of moderate difficulty suitable for beginners.

Taymyr, Putoransky State Nature Reserve

Explore the plateau with an intensive hike or leisurely walk while looking out over the mountainous Artic; water routes take visitors to the Kytobiy-Oron waterfall, canyons and fjords.

The Caucasus

This pearl of winter recreation is also alluring in the summer, but not for skiing. In the summer the Caucasus are a perfect place for hiking and exploring the high peaks, including Elbrus.

The Kola Peninsula

The best way to get here, across the tundra and forest-tundra, is on Quadra cycles or SUVs. In the summer the sun doesn’t set for one and a half months.

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