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Tour to Moldova

Moldova is a picturesque and beautiful country whose landscapes are full of wooded hills, vast lakes and lush green plains. Moldova is famous for her vineyards which produce delicious wines.

We also offer various routes through Moldova which still conceals some little known but interesting spots. Here you will also find more general information to aid you in planning your trip.

Monasteries of Moldova

Ми пропонуємо маршрут як до відомих, так і не дуже відомих монастирів Молдови:

We propose routes that will take you to some well-known and not so well-known monasteries in Moldova.

Trip along the Reut River

Our trip starts near Trebujeni in the Orhei district of Moldova. This is part of the beautiful historic-architectural complex of Old Orhei. In this area the river bank of the Reut River is particularly breathtaking. Our proposed route would take travelers along the scenic ridge located on the left bank of the river. From this vantage point the dense deciduous forest that covers the right bank is easily visible. This hike is approximately 8-9 km. At about the mid-way point the river bed widens and creates a charming plateau where annual music festivals are held.

The route is not difficult and is suitable for novice hikers and children over the age of 7. Keep in mind however that only the first half of the route offers vehicular access. At the end of the hike travelers will arrive in the village of Furchi in the Orhei district. In Furchi there are two bridges over the Reut River: the old bridge and the new bridge which is located further upstream.

Tipova Canyon

Tipova Canyon is one of Moldova’s natural wonders and is protected by the state. This location is well known to those who visit the Tipova Monastery. Hikers call Tipova Canyon the Valley of Seven Waterfalls. Usually hikers approach the foot of the ridge from the Dniester River, passing several waterfalls and shoals along the way. In reality there are more than seven waterfalls, but some are very hard to get to.

We propose starting this trip from Horodiste, which is about 7 km. from Tipova because this is where the gorge begins.

Trip to the Codri

The Codri forest is at its best in spring or late autumn when they are ablaze with color or dazzled in gold. If you’ve decided on a trip to the Codri, then you shouldn’t miss two monasteries—one called Tabara, the second called Tiganesti. The Tabara Monastery is smack in the center of the village while the Tiganesti Monastery is alone in the forest.


This small village in the Ribnita sub-district of Transnistria is located in a particularly breathtaking spot. In this location a deep canyon with cliffs along either river bank was formed by two geological reefs.

The stream in the gorge creates a series of waterfalls. Springs have sprung up along the road and the locals have decorated them in the local ethnic style. In the upper part of the gorge is a large limestone funnel; above the funnel the Kelehur forest starts.

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