Rivers Buzau and Basca

River Basca
    • Location: Take DN10 from Brasov or Buzau city.
    • Starting point: The intersection between DN10 (Brasov-Buzau) with DJ203K (Nehoiu – Comandau).
    • Lengh and duration:
      1. Part 1: Starting below the Siriu Lake, length: 10 km, 2-3 hours.
      2. Part 2: Starting above the Siriu Lake, length: 7 km, 2-3 hours.
    • Difficulty: Easy / moderate, WW I / III+

    The river Buzau and its tributary Basca are in eastern and central Romania. The Bazau is the main river running through Buzau County. Its headwaters are in the Ciucas Mountains and it dumps into the Siret River. It carved a very narrow gorge in the enormous sandstone rocks to cross the Carpathians. This gorge is a perfect location for white water rafting. Downstream of the gorge a dam built in the 1960s creates the magnificent Lake Siriu. Downstream of the dam the water level is suitable for rafting year round.

    Section 1 is easy to moderate in difficulty. Trips on this section usually start near the Nehiou power plant. The best section is 9km long. The current depends on the rate at which the dam is releasing water. There are many rapids with some dropping 2 meters but no major dangers. This section is rated as Class II-III+.

    Section 2 is a much more technical run; the river is narrower and not always suitable for rafting. For a two day trip your group can do Section 1 on the first day and Section 2 on the second.

    Basca becomes an attractive option in the spring. The water level increases and can make up 25 km of Class II-III+ rapids accessible to every paddler with an additional 15km accessible to canoes and kayaks only. This tributary has an upper section rated Class III-IV which flows through a canyon and affords paddlers a great view of the local wildlife. The river runs loosely parallel to roads giving practically unhindered access.

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