River Berounka

River Berounka
  • Level of difficulty: easy, WW I
  • Distance: about 10 kilometers
  • Duration: 3 hours

If this is your first rafting trip the Berounka River is perfect! The current isn’t too fast, the river is wide and the water level is always sufficient for rafting. There are campgrounds all along the river so you can stop whenever you like, the sights are wonderful and the wilderness is pristine. If you want lots of available excursions along your route (pubs, historic sites, etc.) then the Berounka is your best bet.

Advantages: Many tourist attractions along the river, campgrounds all along the river make the trip more flexible.

Disadvantages: No rapids.

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After the confirmation, we'll ask you to pay a deposit – 50% of the price. The rest could be paid upon the arrival.