River Aries

River Aries
  • Location: Take DN75 from Turda or Campeni.
  • Starting point: Downstream from Salciua, at the right side of the road, just outside the village, near the small bridge other the river.
  • Lengh and duration: The Rafting part between Salciua and Ocolis is 13 km long and takes approximately 2,5-3 hrs.
  • Difficulty: easy, WW I / II

The source of the Aries River is in the Bihor Mountains; it passes through the Apuseni Mountains before flowing into the Mures River. The Aries is 164 km long and its water level is sufficient to allow rafting year round. It is a calm river suitable for travelers with children. It offers a relaxing trip with great scenery. Depending on your needs, a paddle down the Aries can last anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

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