From the Owner

Igor Markin

I have always tried to turn my life into an adventure: visiting the tundra, Tibet, Nepal, India, Syria, nearly all the countries in the Caucuses and in Central Asia along with dozens of other countries in Asia and Europe. I visited these countries while working as a journalist, photographer and simply as a traveler. After I finished university, I lived and studied in Great Britain for four years, worked as a guide in Turkey, a journalist in Kazakhstan and in an advertising agency in Warsaw. Currently I am working in the travel industry during the warmer months and in the colder months as a family psychotherapist in Warsaw.

Already being a very experienced caver, mountain climber, paraglider and rafter I was looking for new thrills. In 2004 two of my friends and I set off for China in an old Zaporozhets. Quite a few Ukrainians followed us on our journey and commented heavily on our posts. In 2005 I published a book Each day like the last; Hitchhiking across Eurasia.

I took up rafting maybe because I finally acknowledged that I’m afraid of heights. For over ten years I paraglided but I was constantly stressed out, I couldn’t just relax and enjoy it. So I sold my, at the time, second Paraglider and bought my first catamaran. The most important moment of my life was the birth of my son. After that risking my life, as I did when I flew, no longer held any appeal.

After I had travelled to my heart’s content and gained a ton of experience I decided I wanted to open a business that I would enjoy here in Ukraine. Coincidentally, some of my friends had just obtained their licenses to operate as travel agents. When we started this endeavor five years ago, rafting was just getting off its feet in Ukraine. I worked one summer as a tour guide in Turkey; there I would accompany my groups on a rafting trip two or three times a week.


Igor Markin