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We, first and foremost, are ideologically opposed to mass tourism. Today, vacations are becoming more and more standard and predictable. From country to country, city to city, tourism is becoming a monotonous pain in the behind. It’s quite obvious that this modern tourist cookie-cutter industry is geared toward the massive consumer. Fewer and fewer travel agencies are offering travelers a real adventure, but when they do, these unique trips are often way overpriced.

You don’t necessarily have to travel all the way to Antarctica or some distant exotic jungle in search of an unforgettable, unique adventure. There’s actually an upside to Ukraine’s underdeveloped tourist infrastructure for the adventurous traveler: wild mountains, forests, and rivers; the freedom to pitch a tent and start a campfire just about anywhere; the chance to meet the kind and generous people of remote mountain areas who live in harmony with themselves and nature. Did you know that Western Ukraine is home to the Optymistychna (Optimistic) Cave, the 2nd longest cave in the world? Or that you can explore the last islands of wildwood in Europe right here? Or that the Dniester Canyon, the biggest and most beautiful canyon in Europe, is located in this wonderful country? And the list of places we can visit goes on and on.

Under no circumstances are we trying to sell you a generic tourist Big Mac; we put our heart and soul into every trip we plan. We are a group of young people who are in love with Lviv and the Lviv Region; with the natural beauty of the Carpathians and the Podil, Transcarpathian and Volyn Regions. We’ve been exploring Western Ukraine since we were children, and we know pretty much every corner of this amazing area of the world – this wild “center of Europe” that, oddly enough, remains to be discovered by the rest of the world.

We plan our trips with the firm belief that a real adventure should be:

  • unique
  • unforgettable and filled with emotions
  • action-packed
  • unpredictable to a certain extent
  • a remarkable and wonderful life experience

Rafting from Lviv

“Rafting Ukraine” is based in Lviv. The reasons for this only will be truly realized when our clients discover the brilliance of Lviv’s Old Town. We also have links with heaps of local accommodation in Lviv. We know the best places to stay, hotels and apartments.

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Incentive Tours

There is no better place in Eastern Europe than Ukraine for a perfect incentive tour. With it's diversity in activities and majestic nature, the tour can be nothing less than sucess. Wheither you choose to stay in the wonderful capital of Galicia province, Lviv

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From the Owner

Igor Markin

I have always tried to turn my life into an adventure: visiting the tundra, Tibet, Nepal, India, Syria, nearly all the countries in the Caucuses and in Central Asia

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