Rafting Guide

Prut River

Prout, probably the second most popular among tourists conductors Carpathian river. In high water this river is sometimes very complex and its successful passage is a credit to anyone. It is a pity that the water level in Prutt very capricious and unpredictable.

Interesting for the alloy in a medium or high water section of the river from Vorokhta in Yaremcha length of approximately 30 kilometers. Here there are different thresholds of average complexity, among which are the end Tristupinchaty Vorokhta, Vodospadny near the village of Mykulychyn, Kosy between Mykulychyn and Yaremche.

Rafting Guide

Cheremosh River

Black Cheremosh – the only mountain river Ukraine, where every spring the water rises to the appropriate level for the alloy in bulk vessels. The upper part of the Black Cheremosh – from a. Burkut to end with. Green – Shiver is characterized by low or medium complexity. Here you can select only one more or less complicated threshold – Lower Birdie known fact that quite often it exploded the boat.

In the section on pp. Green up with. Krasnik, about 10 km, concentrated all the thresholds defining the Black Cheremosh – Upper and Lower Dzembronya, white mare, Upper and Lower Guk. The rate of flow in this region is big enough – at least 10 km / h, the width of the river, an average of 30 m. In this region there are almost all possible types of water barriers, more or less expressive form.

Rafting Guide

Tisa River

Black Tees, as Cheremosh, one of the most beautiful and challenging rivers Carpathians. Almost throughout, it flows in a narrow valley, covered with magnificent pine forests. Especially beautiful valley between the village and Kvasy Rakhiv. The average drop in the Black Tisza – 1919 m / km, the rate of flow to W m / sec. River for many years been used for the alloy, so the channel cleared of large stones.

The main obstacles on the route – plates (steps) in height 0,5 – 0,8 m, clamps, a standing wave to 0, 8 m, and artificial structures (walls, dams, booms). The most difficult part begins for 10-15 km to Rakhova (canyon, its board). In big water trip can start from Apshenetskogo reservoir. The route to Rakhova about 50 km. In the city below the woodworking factory – vodoskat (Padun) higher than 1 m. From Yasinya route is available for almost the entire season (in some areas at low water require wiring).

Rafting Guide

Rika River

Length Rica – 92 km. Its valley is v-similar in width from 40 to 500 m, in areas of the foothills – trapezoid, up to 4 – 5 km. width. The plant in the upper and middle reaches of the width from 40 to 100 m around with. Lypcha extends to 500 m and 6ilshe, in the lower reaches of the dissected crescent lakes and straits. The bed of sinuous, branched, the area between the villages of Torun, and birch are the thresholds, many islands. Width of the river mainly 20-50 m, maximum – 100 m. The slope of the river 10 m / km.

Rafting Guide

Latorica River

The longest river in Transcarpathia – Latoritca (182 km). In the upper reaches – a typical mountain river, flowing in a narrow wooded valley. However difficult, dangerous rapids on it there. Below Svalyava valley widens, shoals becoming increasingly rare, the banks have become more populated, the forests were gradually replaced by gardens. Below Mukachevo Latoritca into a tranquil river with a few rifts.

Full route from the village to Kichorka Chop – about 150 km. However, the most complex and interesting plot (to Svalyava) is available only in April and May. On this route you can visit the many historical and cultural monuments: the Chynadiyevo – Schönborn Palace (XIX cent.), In Mukachevo – lock “Palanok” (fourteenth century.) Palace of the White House “(the eighteenth century.) Etc.