Rafting in Ukraine

Active Vacations

Our team invites you to join us for rafting, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, caving etc. If you are tired of the everyday stress, noise and dust of the cities and the boredom of routine work, joining our active vacations with the relaxed, knowledgeable and fun staff is a great way to get a break.

We are also grateful to our partners Narzędzia kaletnicze pobijaki rymarskie, dziurkacze i wybijaki do skóry.

The fresh air, silence of the forests, moderate level of physical activity, pleasant company, amazing landscapes and wilderness will allow you to experience the true Vacations in Carpathians.

Active vacations in Carpathians involve the most invigorating outdoor activities. We offer picturesque and ecologically clean rivers, the adventure of the real outdoor camping, fresh water from the streams and springs, evening gatherings around a campfire, barbeques, fishing – in short, moments that you will never forget.

What we offer is something in-between a lazy and extreme vacation; something active but not exhausting, acceptable for different ages and different levels of fitness. We offer an individualized approach: routes are chosen based on the group’s experience level so more experienced travellers get more difficult routes.

When helping you to plan your trip we consider all your needs and wishes to ensure you have the most enjoyable active vacations possible.

  • Our trips include rafting, cycling, hiking, climbing and multi-day horseback riding among others.
  • Our advantage is over 10 years of experience in organizing corporate and family vacations; we are able and willing to design a trip that suits your party’s individual needs.
  • Many of our clients are repeat customers because our individual approach and our responsible and respectful attitude towards our clients.
  • Our prices are reasonable while our service equals what one would expect to find in Western Europe. During your active vacations we will always focus on your needs and desires.

Vacations in Carpathians is the perfect family or corporate event. Western Ukraine is a great location for rafting — mainly in the Carpathian Mountains and also along Dniester River. Families and groups of 3 to 25 and more can be accommodated on our one-day or multi-day rafting trips or other outdoor activities.

Rafting in Ukraine

Your rafting adventure can be complimented with hiking, cycling, horseback riding, caving and/or climbing. All of the activities we offer can be tailored to your group’s age and fitness level.

Professional guides will get you geared up and make sure your vacations are safe and enjoyable. Our adventures are personalized and fun, not like the mass-marketed formula trips that many of the larger companies offer.

If you can’t organize a group to go with we’ll do it for you. Every other week we sign folks up for one day rafting trips on the Stryi and Dniester Rivers.

Rafting in Ukraine

All our rafting tours and outdoor activities are organized out of Lviv – the capital of Western Ukraine, former capital of Galicia and current cultural capital of Ukraine.

We can help you create your ideal active vacation that will satisfy the expectations of everyone in your group.

Our prices are moderate and our services are equal to those offered by the best European tour companies. Many of our vacationers have become regular guests and friends. If you want to relax surrounded by unspoiled wilderness in the heart of the Carpathians or among the rocks of the incredible Dniester River, join us!

The best time for white-water rafting is March through June (or any period after the rainfall). The best for flat-water activities is March through October.

Prices for rafting trips start at 30 Euro per person, per day. This price includes: round trip transportation between Lviv and the launch site, tents (where applicable) and meals. Please bring your own sleeping-bag and mat for multi-day trips.

Catarafts / Rafts


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Rafting in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

We lead one or multi day trips. Clients interested in multi day trips can choose to camp out or spend the nights in hotels.

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Rivers for Rafting

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